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We’ve Been Busy!

If you’re wondering where we’ve disappeared to, we’ve been recording.. a lot!

So to start off this post, I’m gonna apologise for not keeping this as up-to-date as I should. But, we have started up our website so, go there for weekly updates! -

Secondly, yes we have been recording a lot. We’ve been recording a covers EP, cleverly entitled ‘The Summer Covers EP’. That took us way too long to come up with. But so far we’ve released 3 songs from this EP, you can have a gander at them here -

On a more personal level, we’ve been really busy too. Stephen finished college (and passed HND Music with an A!), Rheanna has been visiting England a lot and Jess… she works in Specsavers. But we also have a lot of new stuff happening too, we have a new live-only member called Steven Pacey, he’ll be helping us out with guitars and keys. We ALSO have our first PROPER EP coming out at the end of the year, we’ve finished writing and demo-ing it, and we enter the studio at the end of the month. Exciting times? Yes!

If you want to come and see us before we disappear again and make some music that’ll surely blow your face off and make you want punch everyone, we’re playing at The Annexe (Liquid Rooms) in support of White Light Theory’s new tour. Come say hello, get some pictures taken with us, bring your friends and have fun! -

Stephen, Jess & Rheanna

Hey it’s Jess here!

We had such an amazing time on Saturday night at CabVol in Edinburgh. Thanks to all the bands for making it such an epic night, but most importantly, thanks to our fans! Your support means everything to us, without you, there would be no music!

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff in the future!

Hey guys! It’s Rheanna here, been a while since I spoke to you lot, huh?!

Anyhoo, how are you? Been good? Having a good Christmas holiday? We’ve been having a great time! 

I’m sure you may have noticed the obnoxiously bright red picture above and are possibly wondering what it is for. Well, as a small Christmas treat from Censor Thoughts to our lovely fans, we did a cover of East 17’s, “Stay Another Day”! 

Some of you may know the song, some may not, but we urge you to listen anyway, it was so much fun to make, we hope you like it! 

You can listen to (AND EVEN DOWNLOAD FOR FREE) the song here:

Merry Christmas guys and gals! 

-Rheanna, Jess & Stephen

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